Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Not Contraception?

Insurance payments for expected and predictable and low cost medical expenses only works when the cost shifting makes you think you are getting something for nothing.

"I can see great merit in having catastrophic health care insurance, yes, but just not to pay for these minor everyday things. And I think that's where the great health care reform movement has taken something of a wrong turn. I think the US system could have been made a great deal better than it is by bringing in something akin to the Singapore system (indeed, something along these lines has been repeatedly suggested by Brad DeLong). Medical savings accounts, perhaps tax privileged, to pay for those day to day expenses and catastrophic insurance (could be government funded, could be privately) for those events that really are insurable: the accidents, the cancers, the heart attacks, the long hospital stays. Indeed, pre-reform this was something that people could organise for themselves."

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