Friday, December 7, 2012

Science Morons R Us

"In one recent episode, GQ magazine asked Rubio about the age of the Earth. "Whether the Earth was created in seven days or seven actual eras, I'm not sure we'll ever be able to answer that," said the senator, who sits on the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. "It's one of the great mysteries."  Not so mysterious, really, according to the vast majority of scientists. They say the planet is about 4.5 billion years old, based on the decay of radioactive elements in samples taken from the Earth." 

"A majority of scientists" eh? Not that I even care how old the earth is, but what if I have 500,000 scientists on my side of a question, and you have 500,001 on your side - which of us is scientifically correct?  In other words, what role does opinion play in proof or falsification of a scientific inquiry? 
That's an easy question to answer - none.  
In what follows, a science illiterate lectures us about the scientific illiteracy of our political leaders. It is well established that what politicians do best is tell us what they think we want to hear, which is a particularly unscientific starting point. So, with my best effort to restrain my contempt, which I view as a an emotional state of personal failure, any moron who looks to a political party for an accurate representation of what science is or is not deserves all the deception they will receive. However, I should not be made to suffer the consequences of the opinions of those so deceived.  More from the willingly deceived author:  
"Rubio bashed Crist's cap-and-trade "scheme" and went so far as to question whether humans contribute to climate change.  ""I'm not a scientist. I'm not qualified to make that decision," Rubio told The Miami Herald at the time. "There's a significant scientific dispute about that."  
"In truth, there is largely consensus in the scientific community about the root causes of global warming. 
Wanless said he was so alarmed by Rubio's change of heart that he wrote him a letter offering to convene a meeting with a group of scientists. He heard nothing. He pressed the letter into Rubio's hands at a fundraiser. Still no response.  ""I understand that he's not a scientist, but at some point people need to listen to scientists about science," Wanless said. "It's especially critical for a leader representing Florida to understand the reality of climate change. With a six-foot rise of sea level, which is probably where we will be at the end of the century, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties are gone.""

As my friend Jeff Glassman has said, "Consensus is to science what carbon dioxide is to global warming - a trailing indicator!"  As for Rubio's insipid dodge - " I'm not a scientist. I'm not qualified to make that decision" - I would offer that scientists are not qualified to make such a "decision" either. They either have the proof, or they do not, and opinion is not part of that.  
"A decisive majority of Americans accept the scientific reality of climate change" - could there be a more stupid argument to make about science? There is no "scientific reality of climate change" beyond the facts that it can be determined that the world has not always been the same temperature it is now. We barely know what the world's "average" temperature is now. The author claims facts matter but cites precious few facts, and instead repeats claims that cannot be backed by fact.  
"Except that these are matters of science, not opinion" Wrong, moron. These are matters of scientific inquiry, and when the scientific method has adequately tested the conjectures in these matters, they may be elevated to the status of hypothesis.  
My hypothesis is that you would happily forgo the scientific process in order to adopt pointless legislation now that would attack economic productivity, make billions more poor and less upwardly mobile, and would undermine the socialist security net which you likely claim is an essential element of a "modern, democratic state" - or some such pap. 
The stakes are much higher than whether AGW is real, will cause more harm than good, and is addressable by humans without just killing a few billion of us. You with your religious faith in pseudo science would willingly kill the economic growth essential to even have a prayer of keeping options open for the poor you claim to be so concerned about. Moron is the only word that applies. And may I one day forgive myself for giving in to contempt.

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