Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Isn't This Obvious?

“Rainbow Gatherings, as a matter of principle, are free and non-commercial. Using money to buy or sell anything at Rainbow Gatherings is taboo.” Niman added, “The Rainbow Family, however, rejects all forms of money, including alternative currencies like time credits or barter notes.”

"Free but money is taboo". Right. Like black but white. Like right but wrong. Like good but bad. Free but money is taboo.  Buffoonery.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Let the Machines Do What They Can Do Better

Enter, Walmart Academy, where 1 million of the company's employees will eventually be taught fundamental retail skills that go beyond stocking shelves and customer service, such as which items turn a profit and why.

It's weird how we feel about change. First we got animals to do what we didn't want to do or couldn't do as well as they could. Then slaves. Then machines. Then computers. Now, we look at robots and think "oh no!". But doesn't this just mean we can free humans to do the stuff than robots can't? It would seem that adds value for all.

More Non-Kinetic Options for Norkons

A good read.

Where Was the Outrage?

Where was their anger when the ACLU described the situation as it unfolded? “Not sure who provoked first. Both sides were hitting each other at Justice Park before police arrived,” the ACLU of Virginia declared via Twitter on Saturday afternoon. The group identified both factions in a video of an open-air brawl on Charlottesville’s streets. “The guy on the ground is a Unite the Right protester. Those in black and red are #Antifa protesters,” referring to far-Left “anti-Fascist” thugs.

There was no angst when Reuters reported that “Many of the rally participants were seen carrying firearms, sticks and shields. Some also wore helmets. Counter-protesters likewise came equipped with sticks, helmets and shields.” Reuters correspondents Amanda Becker and Jeff Mason added, “The two sides clashed in scattered street brawls before a car plowed into the rally opponents, killing one woman and injuring 19 others.”

The fury was absent when NBC Nightly News’ Gabe Gutierrez explained that “witnesses say both sides came prepared for a fight.”

The Trumpophobes left their spleens unvented when the Associated Press published this headline atop one of its dispatches — “View from the street: Police stood by as adversaries fought.”

And there was no venom when Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas said: “We did have mutually combative individuals in the crowd.”

Easy answer - it wouldn't serve their political ends to be outraged at the chumps, only in opposing the Pres is the outrage useful. Same song, different pres.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Comey Didn't Botch, He Didn't Try Hard Enough to Call it Botched

He did the minimum necessary, and left the rest to fate. What a crazy election.

She deserved much worse than she got, there's no excuse for what she did.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Oh what a tangled web we weave ...

when we force immature technology on the market place through government coercion or taxation (taking at money at gunpoint from the productive and giving it to the unproductive). This tail of pointless waste is going to reach way into the future.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Testament to the Competence of Government

Shouldn't have been started.
The administration lied in selling the product and used questionable tactics in the legislative phase.
The rollout was bungled.
Events unfolded in ways unanticipated by government executive and politicians.
The technology was ineffective to meet the challenge and poorly implemented by government.
Costs were far higher than expected.
The supposed urgency that led to the action was apparently false in hindsight.

Obamacare or the Iraq War? Yes, both. But government is actually supposed to be dealing with national security, even though we know government is essentially incompetent, there's some excuse for incompetence when completing constitutionally assigned responsibilities.

WTF is government doing messing about in health care markets when over the last 60 years it has done nothing but make things worse?  Hubris - when the humans act as if they are gods.