Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Don't Want Jobs

"And if everything costs the monetary equivalent of spit then we don't have rising inequality at all: actually, what we've got is the arrival of true communism. For here's a little known point that I like to make. We don't actually care about jobs: don't care if no one at all has one. We also don't care about incomes: it's not a problem if everyone has very low incomes. What we actually care about is that everyone has the opportunity to consume. And there are various ways that this can be provided. One of them being that incomes fall but that the costs of things fall even faster. Who is richer as measured by the ability to consume cars, someone on $30,000 a year and a car costs $20,000, or someone on $15,000 a year and a car costs $5,000?"

This will probably make it's way into the public discourse instantaneously.  Everyone in the mass media, after all, is so hungry for clarity and reasons not to argue.  Not.

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