Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Irrational Fears Indeed

It's fascinating - this author writes about others and seems not to realize it applies to herself.

"Irrational fears are hard to dislodge with facts. Crime rates are way down."

Later: "The US is the most heavily armed nation in the world. Fortunately, it is by no means the most trigger happy" since it is beaten out for that dubious honor by Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, South Africa, and a bunch of Caribbean countries, which boast murder rates from 10-20 times higher.

She misses the obvious conclusion - drug war anyone?

She then concludes the only problem is the US is incidents like Newton - completely horrifying but accounting for under 200 deaths from 1980 through 2010. Lightning strikes are more risky.

Unfathomable determination to ignore the facts.

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