Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Theories Abound

"It's been only two years since Barack Obama was the candidate of change and hope, and theories abound about what went wrong. They all have some merit, and it's not too late for Obama to raise the level of his game."
That's an interesting way to put it. I see the President as having done many of the things he set out to do, in fact, all along I've been stunned at what he could accomplish with his Congressional majority. I've been stunned at how, having campaigned as a moderate, he's been able to push through a, to my sense, non-moderate agenda with seemingly little resistance until the health care bill - and then he got that done, too. "Raise the level of his game?" What would that mean? He is what he is, and enough people finally realize that's not what they hoped he was. It doesn't seem to me that his game has changed for the worse - it's just that people no longer can believe about him what they want to believe.

"The satirical newspaper, The Onion, got it right in their post-election headline BLACK MAN GIVEN NATION'S WORST JOB."
The Onion is incredible. And the Presidency IS the worst imaginable job.

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