Friday, August 13, 2010

Anticipating Obamacare

But surely there MUST be some way that humankind, master of space and nearly of time, can contrive a system in which we can control all the variables, and deliver health care to everyone, effectively and with compassion for all?
Yes, but that method would require LESS political control and more market control and it would allow self rationing and it would include incentives to take care of oneself (it will still be expensive to get sick). The plan termed "obama care" is based on an already failed model - see below:
"All this anticipates Obamacare. Even if its modest measures to restrain costs succeed -- which seems unlikely -- the effect on overall spending would be slight. The system's fundamental incentives won't change. The lesson from Massachusetts is that genuine cost control is avoided because it's so politically difficult. It means curbing the incomes of doctors, hospitals and other providers. They object. To encourage "accountable care organizations" would limit consumer choice of doctors and hospitals. That's unpopular. Spending restrictions, whether imposed by regulation or "global payments," raise the specter of essential care denied. Also unpopular."

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