Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why We Didn't Want This

"A plurality [of adults] (47 percent) describe themselves as either "angry" or "disappointed" about the failure of the gun legislation but 39 percent call themselves "relieved" or "happy" about what happened. That's a far cry from the 90-ish percent support that expanding background checks - the centerpiece of the proposed legislation - enjoyed. And, among those who said they were "very closely" keeping tabs on the vote, the split was even closer; 48 percent said they were angry/disappointed while 47 percent were relieved or happy.

"Liberals like Scarborough, and the whole set of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," had so completely surrounded themselves with like-minded people that the 90 percent poll number they were citing actually sounded accurate. While, in actuality, if they had been in any real contact with real Americans outside the New York-Washington corridor, they would have known that opposition to Toomey-Manchin was very widespread.

"If the White House wants to know why their agenda has stalled, they are not going to find the answers on MSNBC."

Folks like us no longer believe it when politicians say they are taking some symbolic but utter insignificant step to restrict our liberty "for our own good." The pols' paper thin veneer of good intentions is no longer enough for folks to pretend they don't notice.

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