Monday, May 6, 2013

How Long Until It Dawns On Everyone

"What law-abiding Mexicans see coming from the United States is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of guns and money being exported into the hands of bad hombres, all in the cause of feeding Americans' insatiable appetite for illegal narcotics.

""It is better to die on your feet," Zapata preached to his men, "than to live on your knees."

"A drug addict does neither, however, and the shattering of lives north of the border takes its toll on society, too, albeit in a less dramatic way than kidnappings and shootouts.

"Best of all, of course, is to live on your feet. For this, Americans and Mexicans need each other, whether they always know it or not. Presumably our two presidents realize this interdependence; hence today's bilateral meeting. Viva la negociaciĆ³n!"
From an email by:
Carl M. Cannon
Washington Editor
Twitter: @CarlCannon

Mr. Cannon misses the obvious - were drug transactions not criminalized, the criminals would not be empowered by US demand for drugs that are called "illegal." People pretend that there's no down side to criminalization, while pretending that drug prohibition reduces consumption.  Both assumptions are wrong and in fact - "dead" wrong.

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