Friday, May 3, 2013

Presidential Legacy - Significant Why and To Whom?

Krauthammer wastes trons and time examining a president's legacy.  I wonder - why does anyone care?  "The ex-President" is some guy you never met, and he's certainly got better things to do than wonder what you think of him.  How he may or may not be viewed by history is even more irrelevant - unless you are a partisan.

If you mistakenly think the Democratic party is looking out for your interest, you have an interest in the Clinton legacy, since that will be used to justify the actions of the Democrats in the future.  Ditto the discussion of Bush.

Were they "good Presidents"?  Who knows, who cares, why waste time on such thoughts.  We have no way of knowing whether their actions, on balance, caused more harm than good.  I suspect more harm than good, but proving such would be a pointless exercise.

Unless you believe all the hype about how important governments are to our well being and the theater of politics that results, it's the equivalent of discussing which baseball players are the best, only political theater is far less fun.   

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