Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Faux Drama,0,434589.column

Jerry Brown risks being the third failed governor in a row. If he doesn't find a budget solution, the consequences will be dire.
President Obama’s personal popularity remains high and the most recentRealClearPolitics poll average has him at a more than respectable 47.6 percent approval; while the President’s popularity is drifting lower, congressional Republicans have been losing ground to their Democratic rivals in recent polls, and the Republican primary field remains both uninspiring and polarized.  

Why we let ourselves become emotionally engaged in the fate of politicians is amazing to me.  These are people who serve, above all else, their own ambition.  We're all natural born fools to think their political fates matter at all.  I can't believe it ever became "normal" for the average citizen to think that these folks should be trusted with any amount of the coercive power of the State.

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