Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everyone Has A Purpose

Mr. Krugman is a Nobel-winning trade-policy academic economist who, over the past couple of decades, has gone increasingly to the liberal dark side, as evidenced in his columns in The New York Times. What seems to have driven him completely over the edge is a combination of Bush Derangement Syndrome and an evangelical desire to prove that Reaganomics was a failure. He criticizes Barack Obama for not going far enough. He hates Republicans with a passion and is Keynesian to the core. Thus he can only interpret the failure of government stimulus as evidence of “cowardice” or “lack of political will.”

Krugman's raison d'etre:   making real economists look smart.

He doesn’t think consumers can be trusted to make the “right” choices any more, and has taken to the remarkably annoying habit of condemning free marketers as people who believe that people are always rational and markets perfect.
A remarkable compartmentalization is required to think that the people who can't make their own choices for themselves will instead choose wise, all knowing and all caring and uncorruptable politicians, who, out of the goodness of their hearts, will make far better choices for us than we would make for ourselves.

Nevermind that the supply of all knowing and all caring and uncorruptable politicians ran dry - about 10,000 years ago.

Really?  Humans are so flawed they cannot choose for themselves, so the Krugmanite elites will just choose for them?  Pull the other one ...

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