Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabulous Post on PS Unions

"Public unions’ traditional strength – the ability to finance their members’ rising pay and benefits through tax increases – has become a liability. Although private-sector unions always have had to worry that consumers will resist rising prices for their goods, public sector unions have benefited from the fact that taxpayers can’t choose – they are, in effect, “captive consumers.”"

"There’s nothing wrong with unions. But public-employee unions aren’t real unions. They’re collusive cartels that use campaign donations, organized get-out-the-vote onslaughts and sometimes physical threats to literally buy the acquiescence of those with whom they should be “negotiating”. The politicians are supposed to be working for we the taxpayer. But we the taxpayer have no seat at the table between the public employee unions and their political benefactors. Did I mention that public employees make more than the average private sector work that pays for their largesse?"

His conclusion - it's time to ban public sector unions. I couldn't agree more. Our servants have become our masters.

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