Friday, April 29, 2016

Were You Paying Attention?

For those who were paying attention, none of this is a surprise. It was always a fantasy to think that more government intervention was going to improve a health care system that already was cumbersome and expensive because of previous government interventions.
By the way, IBD isn’t the only outlet to notice the ongoing disaster of Obamacare.
Let’s look at some other recent revelations.
Chris Jacobs writes, “For millions of Americans, the Left’s insurance utopia has rapidly deteriorated into a bleak dystopia,” while “the ‘cheaper prices’ that the president promised evaporated as quickly as the morning dew.”
John Graham explains that “CBO estimates Obamacare will leave 27 million uninsured through 2019 – an increase of almost one quarter” and that “CBO estimates 68 million will be dependent on the [Medicaid] program this year through 2019 – an increase of almost one third in the welfare caseload.”

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