Thursday, April 14, 2016

I have a right to have your rights ... even if that's wrong

"Does anyone here think I'm a strong adherent of the North Korean form of government? That I want all of you to be wearing similar-colored pajamas?" he asked some New Hampshire school kids last fall. After they finished laughing—the inevitable response—he explained that "democratic socialism" is just a kind of friendly neighborhood clubhouse where everybody's welcome: "a government which represents all people, rather than just the wealthiest people, which is most often the case right now in this country. And it is making sure that all of our people have health care as a right, education as a right, decent housing as a right, child care as a right."

If you have a "right" to health care, education, decent housing and child care - that is to say you are as entitled to those services as you are entitled to personal safety and to the fruits of your labor - then there is no such thing as a right.  You cannot have a right to something that is the right of someone else.  If you have a right to housing - did the workers who built not have the right to be compensated for their work?  If you have a right to health care - did the providers of that care not have a right to be compensated for their life energy that went towards your care?  If you have a right to education - do the educators have a right to be paid for educating you?  If someone has to take good care of your child, how can you have a right to their good care?  This is a nonsense game.

What's that?  The rich should pay for all of your rights?  You don't have a right to the life energy of an educator, a doctor/nurse, a construction worker or a child care provider - you have a right to the earnings of the wealthy!

First off, that's not going to last long.  The earners are smart enough to avoid such a fleecing.  Second off, what gives you a right to anything that anyone else gave their life energy to create?  If you are entitled to the life energy of another person, there is no such thing as a right.

The joke is on anyone who believes this silly BS.  Bernie can talk about making sunbeams out of cucumbers all he wants, but wait until he tries to make it happen and his delusion is finally confronted by reality.  His ideas are as coherent as a soup sandwich.

For example:  This glib disregard of troublesome facts runs through many of Sanders' economic ideas, sometimes to the point of outright falsehood. Remember that wealth tax he's so enraptured by, the one "similar to those that exist in most European countries"? A 2014 European Commission survey of the continent's tax policies found just three European countries with something like it: Spain, France, and the Netherlands. "Several countries abolished their wealth tax," the commission reported, "because of the fact that the taxpayers were able to move much of their wealth out of reach of the wealth tax." That is, when a government tries to seize rich people's money, many of them leave.

Or:  Which brings us to the delicacy of Sanders' plan for tuition-free college. His funding plan makes no allowance for a crunch in endowment investments, nor for the probability that once stock trades are taxed, investors will start making fewer of them, which will reduce the money gained from the tax. And then there's another probability: that once tuition is free, more students will want to attend college, requiring more professors and more buildings. Once you've got less money than you expected but more students, the whole thing starts unraveling like a Kmart sweater.

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