Sunday, April 10, 2016

We Need Low Wage Jobs

Another priceless excerpt:
Low-wage jobs serve several good purposes. One is to give first-time job-seekers a bottom rung from which to climb the income ladder. Remove the lower rungs — a $15 minimum would remove at least a couple of them in some parts of California — and the lowest rung on the ladder is out of reach for some.
A high minimum wage forces employers to be more choosy about whom they hire, and often the numbers make it wiser not to hire anyone. The truth that left-wingers such as Bernie Sanders and me-too Hillary Clinton refuse to accept is that the monetary value of work does not rise just because the government instructs it to. If the government raises the minimum wage above the value of the work, no one will buy that labor. Left-liberals are wilfully blind to the fact that businesses are not bottomless wells of money.
When work costs more, businesses buy less of it. Government-generated burdens create incentives for businesses to automate. Have you noticed that fast food restaurants now have touchscreens to take your order? Those machines will never call in sick or file employment lawsuits. For other kinds of businesses, such as landscapers, the minimum wage can make legal hiring prohibitively expensive. That's important in California and other such places where there is so much illegal labor available.

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