Friday, January 4, 2013

In The Laboratory

"When compared to Republican and swing states, respectively during the 11 years ending 2011, Democratic states suffered:  
"A loss of 1.6 million jobs (including government jobs) compared to a gain of 1.3 million jobs in Republican states, and a loss of only 139,000 jobs in swing states.
"A loss of 1.9 million private sector jobs compared to a gain of 671,000 private sector jobs in Republican states, and a far smaller loss of 515,00 jobs in the swing states;
"Greater declines in real median family income in both absolute and percentage terms than in Republican states, though they fell less than in swing states.
"In Democratic states, real median family income fell on average $4,460 to $55,325 (2011 dollars) in 2011 - a 7.5% decline since 2000.
"Over those same 11 years, average real median family income in Republican states fell by less - $2,603 to $46,730 - a 5.3% decline. Swing states suffered a more severe average decline of nearly 10%, due in large part to greater than 20% declines in Nevada and Ohio.
"In the states Democrats dominate, the need for revenue to support their belief in the primacy and goodness of government have been used to justify imposing significantly higher taxes on middle-class families.
"In exchange for their votes, Democrats promise greater economic security and a more just society. But, as the results show, this is a false promise that leads to a less secure economy, less opportunity for low and middle-income people, and higher middle-class taxes."

Interesting correlation vice causation questions.

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