Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What To Make Of This?

"The study found that people's evaluations of their lives improved steadily with annual income. But the quality of their everyday experiences - their feelings - did not improve above an income of $75,000 a year. As income decreased from $75,000, people reported decreasing happiness and increasing sadness, as well as stress. The study found that being divorced, being sick and other painful experiences have worse effects on a poor person than on a wealthier one."
The Statists are hooked on equality - in other words, as inheritors of the French Revolution, and all of its horror, they obsess over equality as the desired end state, and are more than happy to use the coercive power of the State to get the equality which they think will reduce pain and suffering. Their view is built around the notion that humans are more a product of their environment and/or genetics than of their personal incentives, choices or life lessons. In short - the individual is not powerful enough to attain equality on his/her own. Therefore, to make the world just, you and I, through the monopoly on coercion which the State holds, must shape the world to create an equal, just, painless condition.
And they say those who aspire to individual liberty are utopians.
As for the study, an interesting question would be to study whether the ability to earn $75,000/year derives from a generalized ability to do/choose those things which get the individual what the individual desires (eg, happiness)? Or does the ability to earn $75,000 create a condition from which happiness is more often experienced? In other words, this is a classic chicken/egg scenario.
Either way, liberty is the engine of wealth. More liberty, more happiness.

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