Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Small Numbers Influential

This author raises an interesting point about the action of a very small number of people, and the political frothing that resulted. Nonetheless, the Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates are selected each year by a few small state who have the early primaries.  Some candidates, which might have played well on a national stage, never stood a chance when their future is determined by Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina (for example, Rudy Giuliani).  Now I shed no tears for the candidates, they are politicians, they deserve no tears.  What I dislike is that a system dominated by two parties is also controlled by those parties, and organized for their benefit, a symptom of which is that by the time most of us get a shot to vote in a primary, the outcome has already been determined.  The small number influence of the Tea Parties is nothing unusual in the gestalt of American elections.

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