Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why Oh Why Did They Lose?????

AMERICA IS RACIST: A perennial favorite among leftists for explaining, well, everything. When pushing this one, it is helpful to avoid the question of why, or how, this racist nation so recently elected Barack Obama. Twice.

AMERICA IS SEXIST: Another hardy, all-purpose clarifier. In addition to the fact that over 50 percent of voters are female, there is the complicating factor that Trump’s “gender gap” was apparently smaller than the one often suffered by Republicans. Next.

The why?  Because the Democratic Party (TDP) acts like folks in this country in violation of federal and state laws are victims while white Christians are the problem, and if I happen to think lawbreakers are bad they label me a "hater".  TDP acts as though people who want to pee in a bathroom with people who have different anatomical parts than theirs are victims, and those of us who fear sexual assault in public restrooms are frivolously fearful.

One might think TDP is pandering to the illegal aliens as a means to shore up their base of electoral support in the face of the declining population of African Americans and their fatigue with democrat promises.

I doubt the Christian church would still claim me, by the way, but I know that white Christians are not the problem.

I favor liberal, legal immigration.  I'm not the least bit afraid of people coming from lawless shitholes to find a better life.  Most of the negative unintended consequences of immigration come from criminalization of immigration. I resent being told I'm a hater because I expect people from lawless shitholes and TDP to understand that rule of law is what makes this place better than their lawless shit hole.

TDP acts as if the 99+% of gun owners who never hurt anyone are dangerous.  They act as if religious white people are a threat but Muslim immigrants from terrorist riddled nations need special consideration.

TDP acts as if working people who do not have a college degree are a liability, but those who are dependent on the state are victims.

TDP pretends that a 6'4" black man who attacks a cop and gets shot in the process is a victim, and the white cop getting the beating is a criminal (where were you Barry when you could have made a difference in perception?).  Yes, I've seen the videos of at least four incidents in which cops shot black men with zero justification, and it sickens me.  I'd happily sit on a jury and convict those guilty cops; not because I hate cops but because I took the responsibility to carry a weapon as an agent of the government and I expected to be held accountable for my actions.

TDP acts like the pathetic few who advocate racism or bigotry are a threat, even though those racists dare not show their faces - unless they are non-white.

TDP lost because they invented a racial narrative when a 16 year old dope smoking MMA trained bully tried to beat up an armed man with delusions of protective grandeur. They deliberately supported falsehoods about the circumstances of the young man's death and failed to state the truth; the young man's parents failed to parent him, instead they abandoned him (where were you Barry when you could have made a difference in perception?).  I am horrified that anyone loses their life due to their race.  I would step right between and assailant and your black/brown son/daughter - I went to combat zones 3 times and loved all my team mates of any ethnicity or religious belief.  I also know that if every time a black man dies the facts are distorted to create a "hate crime", people will stop caring about hate crimes.

If hate crimes were an everyday occurrence, no one would feel the need to imagine one where it did not happen.

TDP lost because they made the political calculation that attacking lawful gun ownership would be more popular than saying what is obvious - most gun violence is related to, paid for and inevitably due to the drug war.

TDP lost because they pretend to fear the power of the rich, but they are the rich.  They lost because they own the universities and can't tell the difference between the fantasy that is university life and the real world with real consequences that the rest of us live in.

TDP lost because they think or pretend to think that an AR-15 has some modern military voodoo, when in fact the AR is a semi automatic variant of a fully automatic rifle invented in the 50s. They are too ignorant to know, or pretend not to know, that magazine fed semi automatic rifles have been used by sportsmen since the 1930s.

TDP lost because they won't honestly discuss the science of climate alarmism and will happily sacrifice thousands of coal jobs on the altar of their Chicken Little redux.  Just say it - anthropogenic global warming is a conjecture and is not even close to being proved.  AGW conjecture is about strongly held belief, like religion.  Honesty about that simple, inarguable fact shouldn't be so rare.  Like the fat-makes-heart-disease conjecture, it is easy to manipulate even very smart people with weak science, and doing so hurts a lot of folks.

TDP lost because they nominated the presumptive first female president with plenty of reasons to know she would be a poor candidate or president.  They lost because they kept pretending that time in high government office means competence and ignored her willingness to get away with anything she thought she could.  They lost because they were willing to ignore how ignorantly she proceeded - fearing oversight within a US government email system, she gave state secrets to those who hacked her personal server.  They lost because when their destabilization of Syria and Libya exploded in their faces, killing 4 US citizens in service of the US government, they pretended like it wasn't their fault.

TDP lost because even after a succession of obvious and serious lies they kept riding the dead horse of Clinton. They kept supporting the person who had the nerve, after a career filled with monstrous lies and bullying of females victimized by her husband - to call Trump supporters deplorables.  Clinton number 2, a millionaire by virtue of shaking down donors for "charitable donations" in exchange for political access, feels entitled to label those who oppose her deplorable. It took someone like her to make Trump look good.

TDP because it has one basic message, repeated over and over in different forms:  "if you would just let us get together with our academic elite friends and organize the nation with innumerable new laws designed to create social justice, equality and unicorns for all of our friends; and send enough folks out in uniforms (and guns) to make you either comply (or be incarcerated), we can make it utopic around here."  It's the ultimate irony - TDP loves people with guns, as long as it is the government's agents are using those guns to coerce the citizenry to do what the TDP has decided is best for them.

TDP lost because they scoff at liberty, ignore the miracle of cooperation (you and I buy/sell from each other when you and I decide that's what's best for both of us) and oppose no new regulation while ignoring the faudulent disasters of government (10+% fraud in Medicare, year after year after year).

TDP lost because they talk out of all sides of their mouths and think we can't tell that's what they are doing, and while lying full time wear good intentions like the emperor's clothes.

TDP lost because their deplorable candidate couldn't even beat the worst imaginable opponent, the nearly criminally incompetent politician Donald Trump.  The joke is on them.

I have no joy in Trump's victory, and I hated depending on him to save me from TDP.  But at least he's better than JFK was.

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