Monday, November 28, 2016

Hurt by Obamacare

More than 200 million have been hurt by it. Count them: 155 million with employer-provided plans whose deductibles have soared thanks to the ACA, plus the 11 million paying ACA penalties for not enrolling, plus hundreds of thousands of part-time workers whose hours were slashed by employers dodging the mandate, and 55 million seniors harmed when Medicare funding cuts bankrolled Obamacare.

I think there's a legit argument that deductibles have to be higher to incentivize better self care, a more competitive market and other more complex reasons with relation to health care cost control.  However, Obamacare is not doing that, it's just raising deductibles.  Higher deductibles with lower costs for care with more choices for patients, insurers and caregivers - and lower premiums for the healthy - is the winning formula.

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