Friday, March 4, 2016

What's the Appeal?

Yet elsewhere in the speech, he described how Christians abroad are being massacred and Christians here at home are under cultural and political siege. He pledged: “We’re going to protect Christianity.”
Interesting locution. Not just Christians, but Christianity itself. What Trump promises is to stand outside the churchyard gates and protect the faithful inside. He’s the Roman centurion standing between them and both barbarians abroad and aggressive secularists at home.
The message is clear: I may not be one of you. I can’t recite or even correctly cite Scripture. But I will patrol the borders of Christendom on your behalf. After all, who do you want out there — a choir boy or a tough guy with a loaded gun and a kick-ass demeanor?
Evangelicals answered resoundingly. They went for Trump in a rout.

Voting for Trump is like sticking your finger in an elephant's eye hoping to make it stop leaving elephant feces all over the place. There's not one good thing that will come from it.
He's like the worst of both parties, baked into one, with extra pomposity added in - I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to be more pompous than the regular "extra pompous" pols. 
The relevant thought experiment is, "If I knew that every president from now on would be the candidate I fear/hate the most (Clinton, Obama, Bush, Trump, Sanders or whomever), how much power would I like that president to have?" There's no president in shining armor who will come in and save the republic, we're going to keep getting the parrot droppings we've had forever. It's fascinating though how much "we" want to believe in the presidency, in the idea that one person will take all the BS in the world and wrestle it into submission. "We" want to believe that so much that we ignore all the damage done in the futile attempts presidents make.

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