Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Thomas Piketty's Popularity Tells Us About The Liberal Press

I'd ask if there are any historical examples that prove that skewed wealth in a generally prosperous nation is more damaging to its democratic institutions than the reallocation of wealth by a coercive state. But then I realize, as with any Marxist revival, the answer is: This time we're gonna do it right!
Judging from the political rhetoric of the day, liberals already believe that higher taxes on the wealthy can create more opportunity for the poor and middle class. While some of us would argue that the nexus between high taxes and economic growth is tenuous, debating whether the top marginal tax rate should be 25 or 33 or 35 percent is well within the boundaries of a centrist debate. 

Ah, the left, so in love with the use of force.  But when you talk to a committed "government is the cure for what ails us" person, and point out that government is a synonym for "people with guns", they can't even process that what they believe in whole heartedly is "smarter people with more guns".

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