Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Meretricious Meets Meddlesome"

If the college experience were in fact the tsunami of violence that the feminists proclaim, leading to widespread emotional dysfunction—a dysfunction nowhere in evidence among increasingly dominant female college graduates—there would have been a stampede to create single-sex schools where girls could study in safety. Instead, college applications from girls rise each year, and the chance of admission at selective campuses drops further under the press of eager petitioners. At Yale alone, the target of an Obama administration Title IX probe into alleged indifference to rampant sexual assault, applications rose from 13,000 in 1996 to 27,000 in 2011. Somehow, word about Yale's "unsafe" environment for girls is not getting out.

Do women need the protection of men?  Or are they equal and able to stand on their own two feet, make decisions with regard to their own welfare, and suffer the consequences of their own risk taking?  You know, like adults?  The irony is the "feminists" said "we don't need men's protection, we are good on our own" and now they are saying "we need protection, we can't fend for ourselves, it's a mean cruel world."  It's the same soft bigotry we see with the races, and it is fed by the present obsession with the power of being a victim.

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