Saturday, October 12, 2013

Force Dressed Up in Sheep's Skin

  • Says an FB poster:
    In a democracy, voting isn't a matter of force. We agree as citizens to accept the vote of the majority, unless it contravenes constitutional rights. When we are on the losing side, we accept the law (albeit grudgingly), because that was the implicit contract before we voted. When we are on the winning side, we expect our opponents to accept, too. The "force' is the voice of the people.
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  • Paul Eich rick, I couldn't disagree more. When the guy comes up to you with the gun and says pay up, that's force. Pretending it isn't is delusional. You can say force is ok with you, but denial that it is force is ... unclear thinking. FWIW, we do not have a democracy. We have a representative republic, because the track record for democracy is poor. The republican form was chosen to limit the amount of force the government could legitimately utilize against individuals. Those limits have only been reduced since the signing of the constitution - almost no examples of limiting the govt's force, numerous examples of how the govt can use more force against you or me. I'm for laws that reduce the way the govt can legitimately use force to make you do what I want, or that me do what you want. Putting a cloak of "might makes right" on force doesn't make it anything other than one group (in our case the political class) making us do what they think is good.

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