Saturday, October 12, 2013

AGW - Are You a Govt Licensed Scientist?

  • My comment:
    This is funny. Imagine the shame of someone who "casts doubt on the science" of AGW. The POINT of science is to doubt! The scientific method is based on the idea that you cannot trust scientists, especially yourself. This article is like a man holding a religious book saying "It says right here this is all true." The relationship between the scientific method and opinion/consensus is like the relationship between ... any two things that are totally unrelated. And that is all the IPCC has - opinion. But at least IPCC is more sure of itself now, it used to be only 90% sure of it's opinion of the cause of climate change, now it is 95% sure. Oh so scientific ...
    My friend Ike replied:
    My personal favorite is when someone with a degree in 17th century Croatian poetry scoffs at my lack of understanding the "science", as though they are at home with beakers and lab coats, testing and retesting their theories until they attain a level of certitude that I simply can't argue with... When a non-scientist mocks my lack of understanding of "the science" I'm always like, you do realize that you are just taking someone's word for it, right? You are not an actual scientist... you know that you didn't do the science, right?
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  • Paul Eich Ike, I get that, but being a "scientist" isn't like being a pilot - you don't get tested and licensed, and you can fork it up all day and still have folks call you a scientist. The point of the scientific method is that scientists (with academic degrees or not) cannot be trusted. You can be a scientist and know 1000% more facts about bristle cones and models and what forces what - but there's still no model that predicts the climate, so there's no "science" that is revealing what "causes" climate change. Until causality is determined by the scientific method, the "science says" we don't know. You could be a dumb ass naval aviator and still understand that just as well as a guy with a degree who does nothing all day but take donations to study climate.

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