Friday, September 20, 2013

The Lying Liars and the Hate Lies They Tell

There's only one problem. Shepard, according to Jiminez, was not killed because he was gay. His murderers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, attempted the "gay panic" defense in court -- suggesting that Shepard had come onto them and provoked them into murderous rage. But that wasn't true. Jiminez, who is gay, reports that Shepard dealt methamphetamine, and that one of his murderers was a sex partner. Even gay-journalistic icon Andrew Sullivan has endorsed Jiminez's work.
But the left cannot let its mythology go. And so The Matthew Shepard Foundation released a statement decrying Jiminez's book: "Attempts now to rewrite the story of this hate crime appear to be based on untrustworthy sources, factual errors, rumors and innuendo rather than the actual evidence gathered by law enforcement and presented in a court of law. We do not respond to innuendo, rumor or conspiracy theories. Instead, we recommit ourselves to honoring Matthew's memory, and refuse to be intimidated by those who seek to tarnish it."
These facts, if true as reported in this book I have not read, highlight an approach that is both perverse and easily recognizable.  I've never met anyone who would kill someone for being gay or for being black.  The talk about hate is the talk about a percentage of the population that is small, poor, and un-influential.  This is not a widespread and significant problem, as evidenced by the apparent fact that the supposed poster child for this "national" problem was killed by gay people in a dope deal, and there's not been a documented incident since - correct me if I'm wrong, I mean I'm sure there's some homicidal maniac who's killed a gay person somewhere, but most of the murders in the nation result from domestic violence and intoxication mixed in the same deadly brew that's been killing people since beer was invented, and/or the drug war's gift to our nation of a violent underculture fighting for drug dealing turf.  
But we can't talk about the unintended consequence of the drug war, while we can make up fantasy about dead drug dealers who were gay ....

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