Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unintended Consequences Rule the Day

"It's a big problem," Bucshon said. "I think ultimately you'll see members of Congress like myself try to address things like the 30- hour definition of a work week."

He believes it will be a bipartisan effort. "People recognize this is an impending storm," Bucshon said.

Unless it's addressed, "We'll become a nation of part-time employees," the congressman said. There are many other issues associated with the Affordable Care Act that need to be addressed.

Even long after the bill was passed, we're still finding out "what is in it" (in the words of Nancy Pelosi). Congress doesn't have the time to write, debate and pass a bill for every unintended consequence that befalls Americans due to the original 2,700 page law. The mess that is ObamaCare cannot be undone by piecemeal legislation like what Congressman Bucshon has proposed.

Always the unintended consequences get the teeth in the glutes of those subjected to the coercive force dreamed up by the political class.

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