Sunday, July 28, 2013

Politicians Are Worthless ... But I Repeat Myself

Always fascinating to see a person who has chosen the public arena despite conflicting compulsions - the compulsion to stand in public and proclaim one's virtue and good intentions and trustworthy wisdom, which is instantly compromised by one's compulsion to engage in some juvenile delusion of sexual encounters in a public forum.

What makes this one so freakish is Weiner's unwillingness to acknowledge the contradiction between asking for people's trust as a leader while being so publicly untrustworthy.

He owes much more to his wife and family than to any voter - who could delude themselves into believing that Weiner will be a good leader when he cannot even master the seemingly simple task of not being a complete buffoon, and a liar, in his sex life?

In the end, the joke is on the voters.

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