Sunday, June 30, 2013


It boils down to this a question. 

Do you think it is more likely that:
TM, who fancied himself a fighter, got annoyed w GZ and confronted him, punched him in the nose (breaking the nose), tackled him, and continued a violent assault on him, until GZ stopped the assault by shooting TM.

Or, TM was afraid of GZ, and tried to evade him, but GZ ran him down, got close enough to him to stick a gun in his ribs and shoot him point blank.  Then, since GZ knew what he did was criminal, he smashed his own nose and bashed the back of his own head in order to back up his falsified story of the TM attack, and he did so incredibly fast, before the first witnesses to the aftermath arrived.

Emotions are running high.  Some of us see an issue of justice - how can a child be killed, and the killer go un-prosecuted?
Some of us see an man who may be tried and convicted by a bunch of dirty rotten politicians over a political furor.

Legally, the prosecution's conduct has been horrifying.  You should hate what they are doing no matter what your beliefs about TM and GZ.

In my view, it would take a very, very smart and incredibly intent person to create a lie that isn't obvious to police, and to do so in a way that would require him to smash his own nose and the back of his skull.  He would have to construct and execute such a plan without knowing that the young man he just shot was proud of his own prowess as a fighter.  I ask you - could you smash your own nose?  I don't think I could.  If I had to invent a story, I would use what little brains I have to make sure that I was not required to smash any part of myself in order for my story to be squared away.

In other words, the "he faked the injuries" narrative holds two contradictory assumptions - GZ is a brilliant liar and made a plan based on the necessity that he injure himself.  I'll grant there are a few people who could do such a thing but there's ample reason to believe that GZ is no such crazed genius.
"Counselor, a wise man told me once, in any crime there are 1000 ways to fuck it up, and if you are a genius, you can think of 500 of them."  Roughly quoted from the movie, Body Heat

GZ not only had no time to concoct a story, he did not ask for a lawyer, and he did what anyone familiar with self defense would recommend against (because the stresses of such a situation make it likely you will say things that may be twisted to mean something they do not) - he not only told the police what happened, he did a video taped walk through of what happened for the police, twice.  AND took two voice stress analysis test ("lie detector tests").  If he did all that in the seconds he had after the shooting and did not contradict himself in the story he "made up", he is a flat out freaking genius.  

I remember being 17, and looking at adults but thinking I could "take them."  I remember standing up to much bigger, stronger and faster men with the naïve belief that I would be able to beat them if I had to.  It is the nature of young men to think this way.  TM's experience, based on admittedly few of his texts I've seen, was that he could win fights, and his experience about fighting was to fight classmates, who were unarmed (at least, because they were fighting in/around school one might presume they did not have a gun/knife).  In other words, he thought about fighting what I used to think about it - you may get hit or it may hurt, but it's no big thing.  "It's not a matter of life and death." 

TM was a kid who may well have been spoiling for a fight, perhaps like I would have been, and whether or not that perception is real, it appears that he chose to attack GZ.  The color photos of Zimmerman show just how potent the attack was.  In Florida law, the standard for self defense is much lower than "having a person sit on you and punch you repeatedly."

I don't think there's a boogie man here, aside from the ones we already know - the government is making a mess of this.  The President acted with what has become an expectedly low level of judgment for a man with his responsibility (playing to political winds when he could have chosen to lead). The news/entertainment industry is doing what it does best - enrage.  And the race pimps, who derive their power from the perception of racial injustice, have hurt us all by enraging a few. 

I don't know what to say about TM's mom and dad, except to say they were not victims.  TM was a struggling young man, using drugs, not finding his way, and doing what young men do - making poor  choices.  Bad luck and poor choices are a deadly brew and by the strangeness of the day, many are paying for the mistakes of these few.

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