Monday, June 24, 2013

Intentions, Competence, Accountability

But the GAO found that HHS has barely begun testing the hub with the eight federal agencies from which it needs to pull data, and is behind on just getting data-sharing arrangements set up with those agencies.

HHS has also missed its deadlines on setting up the so-called Navigators program to guide customers through the ObamaCare sign-up maze.

And states trying to set up their own exchanges aren't faring any better. Despite $4 billion in HHS grants, the 17 states undertaking this task on their own are behind schedule on 44% of key pieces of their exchanges that were supposed to be finished in March.

If these bureaucrats can't even get the exchanges built - despite having 3-1/2 years to do so - why should anyone believe they are qualified to run the entire health care system

Read More At Investor's Business Daily:

It seems that the question is not "will the rollout be ugly."  The question is only how long it will take until it serves someone, anyone well.  Who will be punished for the mis-spent millions?  Ha ha, what a funny thought!

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