Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unpopular - Let's Hope They Stay That Way

I was reading a bit this AM about the record low confidence Americans have in their legislative branch of government.  I like it this way.  It shows we're not as stupid as we behave.  Yes, we elect people who pretentiously tell us how good they are, and how much they care about 'us' (must be a code word for "my own ambition"), and yes, we believe them (we apparently want to be deceived).  Yes, we have a century to show that government interventions never yeild the desired results, and that politicians have NO IDEA what the negative unintended consequences of their legislation will be, but we believe them anyway when they tell us they can run health care or regulate financial markets or dictate how a marriage should be intiated or dissolved and who can participate.  We fall for all of that stuff, and the only obvious explanation is we're just plain old idiots.  But at least now, we've awakened enough to not be grateful to the elected ones for deceiving us at every chance they get. 

The irony - we're not smart enough to demand that they just 'butt out', and we won't vote for those who promise to just 'butt out', but at least we've got enough sense to dislike them after we elect them.  Hopefully, it's a good start.

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