Sunday, August 13, 2017

Testament to the Competence of Government

Shouldn't have been started.
The administration lied in selling the product and used questionable tactics in the legislative phase.
The rollout was bungled.
Events unfolded in ways unanticipated by government executive and politicians.
The technology was ineffective to meet the challenge and poorly implemented by government.
Costs were far higher than expected.
The supposed urgency that led to the action was apparently false in hindsight.

Obamacare or the Iraq War? Yes, both. But government is actually supposed to be dealing with national security, even though we know government is essentially incompetent, there's some excuse for incompetence when completing constitutionally assigned responsibilities.

WTF is government doing messing about in health care markets when over the last 60 years it has done nothing but make things worse?  Hubris - when the humans act as if they are gods.

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