Friday, August 26, 2016

Anyone who saves me from the boogey man is good enough ... even if they are awash in corruption

Breathtaking how acceptable this is to so many. "Anything's better than a republican", I guess, that's how I feel about a clinton.
But it was always something of a sideshow. The real question wasn't classification but: Why did she have a private server in the first place? She obviously lied about the purpose. It wasn't convenience. It was concealment. What exactly was she hiding?
Was this merely the prudent paranoia of someone who habitually walks the line of legality? After all, if she controls the server, she controls the evidence, and can destroy it -- as she did 30,000 emails -- at will.
But destroy what? Remember: She set up the system before even taking office. It's clear what she wanted to protect from scrutiny: Clinton Foundation business.

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