Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fascinating Concept

-The modern agricultural system is responsible for putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the actual burning of fossil fuels
-Herds raised according to modern, conventional practices contribute to desertification—turning land into desert—which does not support plant life and photosynthesis, thereby worsening atmospheric CO2 levels
-According to an African ecologist, dramatically increasing the number of grazing livestock is the only thing that can reverse both desertification and climate change
-According to estimates, grazing large herds of livestock on half of the world’s barren or semi-barren grasslands could take enough carbon from the atmosphere to bring us back to preindustrial levels

Integrating biological farming principles can increase plant performance by 200-400 percent. What’s more, not only does it improve the quantity, it also improves the quality of the food you’re growing.

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